Saturday, March 3, 2012

Things I Love About Being Family Of 4

1.  A gallon of milk NEVER goes bad anymore before we can finish it
2.  A whole box of spaghetti doesn't produce days and days of leftovers- sometimes, not even one!

3.  A misheard/"missung" song lyric can bring uproarious giggles for days to come

4.  Quiet is so strange now.

5.  Teachable moments happen every day

6.  There's always someone to talk to

7.  On rare occasions, we get to have "Pajama Saturday" where we have nothing to do but stay home and spend time with each other.  Today was one of those days- the first one, I think, since FALL!
It's been awesome, and helps the batteries recharge for the busy week that will start tomorrow!