Thursday, October 14, 2010


I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while.  There seems to be very little computer time these days.  Instead, my time is spent picking up legos and puzzle pieces, washing clothes, playing in the yard, trying new recipes, and experiencing our city through the eyes of our children.  I have to say, I do not miss "my computer time" one little bit.  

As Randy and I watch our children grow, we continue to get to know them even better.  There are times that we just have to look at one another and laugh.  Tonight I looked at Randy as we were sitting in the rocking chairs on the porch finishing our iced tea from supper, and watching our children play.  I commented that it was amazing to me that although  we had absolutely nothing to do with their conception, it seems at times that they sure do have our DNA running through them.  I caught myself saying, "She's YOUR daughter", when K did something really silly that Randy would have done.  Other times, I see myself in each of them.  
How great is our God, that he would knit us together in so tight a weave.  
Praise Be To Jesus!

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  1. I'm glad that you all fit together so well. Parenthood sure is a wonderful (though sometimes tiring) thing, and I'm so happy you're enjoying it so much. I've found that each day with my children is an adventure to be savored, even when the children are driving me crazy--so enjoy the adventure, dear friend! :)

    Love you all!