Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just Around The Block

As the sun goes down,
I take a little walk;
not a very long one,
just around the block.
My beloved says, "I'll join you;
Just let me get my shoes"
And off we go, arm in arm,
counting our steps by twos.
We talk about the houses,
all lined up in a row;
and laugh about how people,
are always on the GO!
Then my beloved turns to me,
says, "I'm so glad HE set me free!
For JESUS is my solid rock, and because of HIM
I  take this walk.
So for our neighbors we do pray,
as we walk and talk along the way
So few times do we really take stock,
of just who lives "right down the block"
who may not know about the one,
who loved us enough to send HIS son,
to take on our filth, our shame, our sin,
allowing us to be born AGAIN!
So it seems to us that the SOLID ROCK
needs to be shared on our little block.
I never expected to learn so much,
on a quick little walk, "just around the block"


  1. Wow, that was a great read, Sonia. Lots
    to think about...

  2. How awesome - a great blog and great poem, Sonia. So glad you shared it with us. I will be following you from now on :)
    Karen in FL

  3. Hi Sonia. Welcome to Bloggy world!! I loved your poem. I became a follower!

  4. What a wonderful poem! So sweet. Makes me feel that I should start prayer-walking again. Bless you. Lyn