Friday, August 13, 2010


I cry at everything.  Yes, I'm a leaker!  I cry when the National Anthem is being played, I cry over music that moves me, and some say (which is false by the way) that I would even cry at a grand opening of a grocery store! 
During our journey to parenthood, however, I've been amazingly dry eyed- until last night.  Randy was paying for my birthday present, a really cool bike so I can keep up with our very active children!  As he was doing that, I was looking around at some frames.  Frames, of all things!  Then it hit me.  Our "Family" frame will look totally different now.  All I could imagine was filling up all those frames with their neat sayings etched in, just filling every square inch of wall space with frames- our life in frames! Then it hit me- WHAM-O! 
So that's what did it.  Frames.  Rectangualrly  shaped pieces of wood.  I'm crying in the frames department of Sears.  Crazy, huh?


  1. Not crazy at all. I do the same thing. As a mother, you will do it even more often! There's just so many little things that will remind you of your precious blessings and how good God is, the tears of joy will just have to pour out! Revel in your tears, and enjoy them, Sonia! Sooo happy for yall!! Ruth Ellen

  2. I cry over my children frequently--all happy tears. Parenthood is guaranteed to produce many happy tears. I'm so happy for you guys. May you shed many more happy tears over those children.