Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Tuggles and Giggles"

When we go to bed at night, Katherine likes to, what she calls, "tuggle".  She loves to "tuggle" with mommy and daddy.  Before long, she's fast asleep, even after insisting she is NOT tired!  Tonight she and I were "tuggling", and she said, "I love you to the stars and back".  Then I responded that I loved HER to the MOON and back".  she said, "no ya don't".  So I asked her, "well, how much do I love you?"  Her response made me smile.  She said, "Yeah, you do love me that big.  I love you that big too".  I then told her I loved her all the way up to Heaven.  Her reply, "I love you all the way up to Jesus, and I really like Jesus!"
 Then, the giggles started.  I told her, "I love you more than a new pair of shoes, and I really like new shoes..."
She and I both started giggling at that moment, and when she gets going, she can't stop!  So then daddy came in for some Katherine time and I went in Will's room for some Will time.  Before I knew it, she had dissolved into a puddle of giggles again!  Apparently daddy had whacked his head on her headboard.  She told him, "I knew you were going to do that, but I didn't tell you".  she told him, "Mommy is better at tuggling".  Daddy said, "Yeah, well mommy is a lot shorter than daddy and fits in your bed a whole lot easier".
Another advantage of being short.  Whoever said, "Short people got no reason to live...." was obviously mistaken:)

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  1. Aw, sweet. So glad you're having all these sweet moments! I just get so mushy inside when I think how you're finally a mom! Love you all!