Friday, November 19, 2010

Out Of The Mouths Of My Babes...

Kids seem to say funny things, especially when they think no one is listening!  Last night, Katherine was coloring in a Bible coloring book.  I was enjoying the somewhat off tune melody she was singing, and soon recognized it as "Jesus Loves Me".  It went something like this:  "Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so, Little ones to Him belong, they are SWEET but he is strong...".  I couldn't help but smile- what an apt perception of how Jesus is, and who He is to children. 
In school, her class has been studying Squanto, the English speaking Native American.  We looked up some info about Squanto on the internet, and then my little song bird began belting out another slightly off key tune that went like this:  "I love Squanto, Oh Yes I do, I love Squanto, and so should you, I love Squanto, I love him sooooo, I love Squanto, He was an Indian....."

This morning, Will is home sick.  We were having some "quality time" watching Good Morning America (well, I was having quality time, he was begging me to put in the  Inspector Gadget movie ...).  the song "tonight's Going To Be A Good Night" came on.  Will asked who sang that song, and I replied, "The Black Eyed Peas".  It's funny how brains work.  He left the room, came back a few minutes later and said, "I've never heard of Black and White Peas.  Why are they called that?  Do you eat them?"
OK, maybe not ROFL funny, but it brightened my day to be able to enjoy their innocence just a little bit:)

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  1. Wonderful! There is so much to learn about a child's character by listening when they are in their own world. I love it! Hope Will feels better soon!