Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Funny Things Kids Say

I am trying to be better about writing down the things the kids say that take me by surprise.  The other night, I was helping Katherine wash her hair.  Now, this girl is quite capable of taking her own shower and washing her own hair, but she claims that since it's gotten so long, she needed help.  I think she just wanted to extra attention, and that's all right too:).  As we got to work on her hair, Katherine said, "Mom, I wish you could go get on your bathing suit and get in with me".  when I informed her that we would not be using the tub and shower long enough to make that happen, she said, "Mom, when you get to be an old lady, and can't lift your arms above your head, I'm going to come over and give you a bath and wash your hair for you".  Obviously touched, I said, "You would do that for me?".  Katherine replied, "Yep, and I won't even let the boys in, since you won't have your bathing suit on and all..."!  I still think it's the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me!  

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