Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why Does Satan Attack On Wednesday?

Wednesday.  Hump Day.  Middle of the week.  Fall church activities start soon.  At work, it's Cheesy Bacon Burger Day.  Who could have a bad day on CBB day?
Apparently I can.
Why does Satan seem to start hurl his darts my way on Wednesday?
Why do my children choose Wednesday to irk my nerves?
Tonight I feel like a failure of a mother.  I do.
I got into a power struggle with my dear daughter, and she  won!
I totally flew off the handle.
Sometimes I wonder if the reason we were childless for so long is because God knew I'd be a horrible mother?  Maybe I'm not meant to handle this.
So frustrating...
hopefully Thursday will be better...


  1. Oh sweet Sonia you are not a horrible mother! You are human however. The best part about being parents with God is that He buys back our mistakes. When you make a mistake You can apologize and start fresh the next day :) It will be okay. I think that you are amazing!

  2. Sonia, you are a wonderful mother. You are exactly the mother that your children need. We all fail. We all fly off the handle. We all need the forgiveness of our Heavenly Father, AND our children.
    Today was a hard day here too. After her first day back at school, she had a horrible, nearly hour long melt down. She needed me to be firm and loving, and I almost cracked as I often do. But today, through God's Grace, I held it together. Very rare indeed. Your Thursday will be wonderful. You will see that you are meant to be your children's mother. I love you my friend.